Preschooler Fears: 3 Ways To Help Your Child Overcome Common Anxieties

When your normally courageous child suddenly starts crying when you turn out the lights, it can be concerning. However, the preschool years are a common time for fears to arise seemingly out of nowhere. Typically, these fears simply represent your child's growing awareness of their independence, and you can help them overcome them with a little encouragement. Whether your child is suddenly terrified of loud trucks or spiders, you can use these tips to turn their fears into an opportunity to develop their courage.

Three Ways To Get Your Couch Potato Kid Active

If you're child is always glued to the television, or iPad, or playing video games, then you probably are searching for ways to get them to exercise. If they are not the type to join a sport at school, then you need to think up some fun ideas to get them moving. Nowadays, kids are more likely to play games online then head out and play basketball in the park like you did when you were growing up, so you need to be proactive, especially since type 2 diabetes is on the rise in young people.

7 Ways To Help Your Preschooler Get Along With Others

Most parents of preschoolers know that developing good social skills starts early. A healthy sense of trust is established in infants when their basic needs are met, and they learn that the world is a generally good place. But when children enter preschool, they're suddenly in an environment where they have to get along with others, learning to share and take turns with their peers. This can be a challenge for some.