How an Illustrated Book Helps with Your Child's Teeth Brushing

Getting a young shield to brush their teeth regularly can be hard. Even if you get them in the bathroom to brush their teeth, they generally don't want to put as much time and effort into properly brushing their teeth as they should. However, if you can find something that helps to get them excited about brushing their teeth the way they should then you can find it a lot easier to get them to properly care for their teeth.

One thing that can motivate a child to brush the way they should is to give them an illustrated book to help children want to brush their teeth. Here are some of the reasons why this kind of book can help: 

1. The book can give them someone to look up to

If your child can look up to a character in the book, then they will want to follow the example that the character sets in the story. So, when your child sees that the character takes their dental care seriously, your child may too. 

2. The book can reinforce what you've been telling them

While you would like to think that your child respects and believes what you tell them, this isn't always the case. They may not fully believe you when you are telling them how important it is to brush their teeth or that they really need to brush their teeth the way you have shown them and for as long as you have told them to. However, when they read an illustrated book that is telling them the very same things that you have been telling them, then this reinforcement of what they have been hearing from you can help them to finally believe. 

3. The book can make teeth-brushing fun

Brushing their teeth will likely not be the highlight of your child's day. However, when they have become excited about an illustrated book on teeth brushing, they may gain a whole new appreciation for the act of brushing their teeth. They may want to be like the character who makes it look fun and important. The character may even do something like brush their teeth until an alarm tells them it's time to stop or brush their teeth for an entire song. Your child may want to do the same thing the character does to make sure they are also brushing their teeth for long enough.

For more information, contact companies that produce children's books about oral health.