How Summer Camp Can Benefit Your Child

Sending your child to summer camp can be a difficult decision when your child doesn't really want to go. Your child may be looking forward to hanging around at the mall and texting with friends all summer, but camp could be much better for their development. Here are a few of the benefits your child could gain from summer camp.

Break From Technology

A week or two at summer camp might be one of the few times your child takes a long break from their smartphone, video games, or television. While that might sound like a horrifying idea to your child, it can actually be good for them to leave technology behind for a while and reconnect with the real world.

Chance To Be Active

Going away to camp gives your child the chance to be physically active every day. Your child may spend the rest of the summer lounging around, but you can be sure they will get plenty of physical activity at summer camp. This is not only good for physical health, but being active daily can help with their mood and give them self-confidence. Engaging in group activities and recreational events helps your child grow in other ways too such as learning to accept defeat and working well with others.

Time To Appreciate Nature

If you live in the city and rarely have time for a vacation in the country, then summer camp is a fantastic time for your child to discover the wonders of nature. Many camps are situated in the woods or near a lake where there are beautiful nature scenes and the chance to see animals and plants they wouldn't see otherwise. When your child isn't distracted with texting and watching movies, they may better appreciate the beauty of a sunrise and develop a love of the earth that stays with them through life and helps them become more responsible with the environment.

Opportunity To Learn Social Skills

Your child learns important social skills at summer camp. Even if your child has many friends now, they usually come with set expectations based on your child's history and standing at school. When your child goes to summer camp, everyone is equal. Your child learns how to make friends based on how much they enjoy being around the person. They also learn how to be friends with people they don't care for due to living in close surroundings and being involved in group events. These skills are important for being socially successful later in college and the workplace.

The best reason of all to go to summer camp is that your child can have fun. Summers can be boring with a lack of structure. Campers stay busy all day with nature activities, crafts, sports, and recreational opportunities. There's not much time to be bored. Instead, your child will be fully engaged and having fun with new friends that could become friends for a lifetime.