Three Ways To Get Your Couch Potato Kid Active

If you're child is always glued to the television, or iPad, or playing video games, then you probably are searching for ways to get them to exercise. If they are not the type to join a sport at school, then you need to think up some fun ideas to get them moving. Nowadays, kids are more likely to play games online then head out and play basketball in the park like you did when you were growing up, so you need to be proactive, especially since type 2 diabetes is on the rise in young people. Here are three fun ideas.

Martial Arts Class For Kids

If you're son or daughter likes playing video games with martial arts themes, or they like watching MMA matches and Kung FU movies, then a great way to get them active is to sign them up for a martial arts class. These classes are geared towards young kids, so there won't be any full contact like you find in some adult classes. What you will find is lots of cardio exercises. The kids will also learn the different forms used in whichever martial arts the class teaches. Some martial arts are inherently a bit more "rough", so avoid things like jiu jitsu, which involve lots of grappling. Instead look for Kung Fu, or Tae Kwon Do, where there is mainly pad work and solo form practice.

Beginners Ballet Class

If your child is not really into martial arts, but instead prefers dance, then an awesome class would be a ballet class designed for beginners. The classes are fun for kids who want to learn how to emulate the dancers. They will learn the basics of bar work, as well as different spins and jumps. These classes are an awesome cardio workout. They are also great for both boys and girls; for every prima ballerina, there needs to be a male counterpart ala Mikhail Baryshnikov, so assure your son if he has doubts that its perfectly normal for guys to dance ballet.

Gym Membership For Swimming and Cardio Classes

Of course, don't forget about a gym membership. With a gym membership, your son or daughter will have access to a pool, as well as cardio classes. These classes are great because they are social (so they make friends in real life and not just online), and the instructor will help motivate everyone. You can ask the gym about classes that are oriented towards young kids. If your kid is a bit older, and perhaps they have a bit excess weight they are self-conscious about, you can even hook them up with a licensed personal trainer who works with the gym. This trainer can help them learn how to exercise and properly lose weight so that they don't try and crash diet and starve themselves.